How We Ship

At Premium Axolotls, we take shipping very seriously! Here is information on our process for live axolotls.

  • Orders are generally shipped Monday-Wednesday (excluding government holidays) to avoid the least amount of time in transit.
  • You can choose between Priority shipping (generally 2-3 days) or Express shipping (generally 1 day) on your order.
  • Your axolotl will be shipped double-bagged with heavy duty shipping bags in an insulated package with an ice pack if necessary. Only one axolotl per bag!
  • Processing time is approximately 1-2 weeks after an order is placed. We try to fulfill orders as quickly as we can, and many times we ship the same or the following week that an order is placed.
  • You will be emailed a tracking number once your order is shipped so you can be ready for when it will arrive.
  • Animals may be fasted for 1 day prior to shipping.
  • It is normal for an axolotl’s colors to fade from the stress of transit, but it will regain its normal colors shortly thereafter.
  • Though relatively uncommon, it is normal for the axolotl to lose its appetite for 1-2 days due to the stress of shipping.
  • We reserve the right to hold off on shipping or ship on a different day of the week due to inclement weather or postal service busy seasons. Safety of the animals first!
  • Our boxes are labeled “Live Animals” and “Fragile” to notify postal workers of the contents and help ensure careful treatment.

While delays are rare, all of our axolotls are packaged for a worst-case scenario to ensure safe arrival. Axolotls ship extremely well with our proprietary shipping method. They are highly efficient creatures at oxygen uptake, which is the greatest limiting factor when it comes to shipping live aquatics. Our axolotls can survive up to 10 days in the mail with our shipping techniques.

We offer a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee. feel free to contact us with any questions.

Axolotls Shipping Costs

We strive to keep costs reasonable. At the same time, we are shipping live animals, so extra attention, time, and care go into shipping our Axolotls. So, how much does it cost to ship your axolotl with Premium Axolotl? We use flat rate shipping pricing, so it does not matter how far away you are.

  • Priority shipping costs $22 for the first axolotl and $8 for each additional axolotl.
  • Express shipping costs $60 for the first axolotl and $8 for each additional axolotl.