Our Story

Premium Axolotl is a full-service aquatics company completely owned and operated by dedicated hobbyists, biologists, and axolotl breeders. Our sole focus and goal is to improve the standards of the industry and breed the healthiest axolotls possible for pet lovers everywhere.

Our 10-person team is unified by a mutual love of axolotls, and animals in general. Our passion for these creatures is what fuels us. When it comes to breeding our axolotls, we focus on quality, not quantity. We also serve as a sanctuary for axolotls that are sick, malnourished, or have other special needs requiring intensive professional care. Continue reading to discover more about Premium Axolotl!

About US

Table of Contents:

1. Premium Axolotl Community Partnerships
2. Goals and Values
3. Looking to the Future
4. Operations and Quality Assurance
5. Conclusion

Community Partnerships

We are proud members of the global axolotl community!

Premium Axolotl is proud to be partnered with some of the biggest and most respected aquatics brands, both globally and locally. Some of our industry partners include Top Quality Aquatics, SnagFish, Sicce Filters, Texas Discovery Gardens, The State Fair of Texas, Dallas North Aquarium, Axolotl Ranch, Axolotl City, and more!

Premium Axolotl’s animals and social media content have been featured by some of the world’s largest media platforms and social accounts, including Complex, The Dodo, Memezar, TodayILearned, and more. With over a quarter-million loyal followers on TikTok alone and millions of likes and impressions from users across the world, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the clearest and most reliable care information for axolotl owners.

Goals and Values

We want to share the wonders of axolotls with the entire world, and provide aspiring axolotl owners with everything they need to raise their own!

We have found that it can be extremely difficult to find good information about caring for exotic pets, including axolotls. Unfortunately, many people make decisions about exotic pet ownership with unclear or incomplete information about what it takes to raise one of these unique animals.

The team of animal experts, breeders, and scientists at Premium Axolotl is here to change that.

We believe that axolotls can be beloved household companions for millions of people around the world, but aspiring owners must educate themselves about the responsibilities of owning them. After all, we want every animal we sell to end up in a loving home and to enjoy the best quality of life possible.

When you decide to raise an exotic animal, you must be familiar with the best ways to care for your pet before you buy it. The same goes for axolotls, which is why we recommend that you have a cycled aquarium prepared for your new axolotl before you buy it. Click here to read about setting up a new aquarium, and click here to learn how to make sure your tank is properly cycled.

Looking to the Future

We dream of restoring the wild axolotl population to its former glory.

Unfortunately, due to extreme habitat destruction and pollution in recent decades, the axolotl species has been classified as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List.

A study performed at the National Autonomous University of Mexico
 estimated that only about seven hundred to twelve hundred axolotls remain in the wild. This means that Premium Axolotl currently maintains three times as many axolotls as the entire wild population. Our dream is to fund the restoration of the axolotl’s natural habitat, Lake Xochimilco, in the valley of Mexico.

Our Operations and Quality Assurance

Our business was established with the long-term success of the entire species of axolotls as the top priority.

In an effort to create the greatest genetic diversity possible in our axolotl bloodlines, our breeders traveled all across the United States to acquire the most desirable morphs and individual animals in the country. From these specimens, our first stocks of axolotls were born. Ever since, then, our breeders and genetic team are always on the lookout for ways to improve the overall health of each of our animals.

Our efforts have resulted in a gene pool that is extremely diverse in composition. This diversity is very good for each individual animal because it helps prevent long-term problems such as disease and deformities when they breed. Our method has resulted in an extremely robust stock of axolotls that display ideal physical characteristics and are in peak health.

Additionally, our team takes care to track the lineage of each of our axolotls, which further helps to maintain genetic diversity and reduce population culling. When you get an axolotl from us, you can rest assured you are receiving a beautiful, strong, healthy new pet.

Thank You

We exist to serve the axolotl community!

Premium Axolotl is tremendously grateful for the many wonderful axolotl owners across the world. It is thanks to you that we have the ability to continue to research these incredible animals and work to bring the best axolotls possible to the market.

We appreciate your business and your interest in Premium Axolotl. Continue exploring the website to learn more about Premium Axolotl and get everything you need to purchase your very own axolotl.